I’m a linguist. My area of specialization is syntax. The main focus of my research is on ellipsis and what we can learn from it about the grammar. From this perspective, I investigate a variety of grammatical phenomena in different languages, such as lexical gaps, extraction restrictions and single conjunct agreement, among many others.

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, where I work with Professor Julie Anne Legate. Before coming to UPenn, I obtained my PhD from the University of Maryland, where I was supervised by Professors Howard Lasnik and Norbert Hornstein

I was born in Brazil, and raised in the city of Curitiba. In Brazilian Portuguese my name is pronounced [ʒe.zu.ˈɛw ˈmẽj̃.dʒɪs], but English speakers often pronounce it as [ˈdʒe.zu.ɛl ˈmen.des], which is totally fine.

Curriculum Vitae

Contact: gmendes[at]sas[dot]upenn[dot]edu